Quick and professional. Always makes me feel comfortable.

Wendy Scharns

I never thought I'd find someone to help me with the removal of my facial hair. It was out of control and more than I could deal with. It all started when I used one of those stupid Finishing Touch Hair removal wands that essentially shaves or buzzes off your hair. I didn't really have any facial hair other than a few white/clear hairs under my chin, and they were hardly noticeable. I only used the damn thing to try it out because a friend had just bought one...little did I know that would turn into a daily battle for over 10 years. The more I plucked, shaved and trimmed, the more dark hairs came in. And as the shaving and plucking traveled down my neck and up over my cheeks just below my eyes, I knew I had to find a way to get rid of this hair, or I'd forever be holding tweezers and a razor. If I didn't keep up on it, I'd have a full on beard in about a week. The amount of time and energy I had to spend on keeping my face hair free was too much...and after a while, I just couldn't take it anymore.

I went online and looked for local hair removal places that may be able to help. I found North Bay Laser and decided to give a call. Rebecca was very patient, helpful and understanding. The pricing for facial and neck hair removal was a bit steep for me, but it was nothing compared to the incredible insecurity I felt on a daily basis from my embarrassing facial hair. I decided to go for it and see if she could help me. Best decision I've ever made! I've had about 12 treatments with Rebecca, the last one being 6 months ago and I'm just about hair free! It took a good year of going in every 6-9 weeks, but it was worth every penny because I have nearly no hair on my face. The laser does not work for white or clear hairs, they have to have some pigment to them. I am Italian, so my hair was dark and easy to see, yet easy to remove as well. The process takes a little getting used to. It's quick but it's slightly painful...I mostly felt like it was an overload to my senses since she had to point the laser in areas on my face that were close to my ears and eyes. It took some getting used to but by the 3rd session, I was fine and knew what to expect.

Now my face and neck are smooth and I'm not breaking out anymore from plucking or shaving. I never used to let people touch my face, now I welcome it. No more spending time in front of the bathroom mirror every morning. No more worrying about going out and being stared at or having people comment about my hairy face. I can't thank Rebecca enough for helping me. Her laser hair removal truly works, and believe me, I was skeptical. If what I described sounds like a battle you're dealing with, call Rebecca and make an appointment. Don't wait and continue to go through life feeling embarrassed like I did. I lost so many years feeling self conscious about my facial hair, and now it's not even a thought anymore because it's all GONE! I love North Bay Laser.

Nicole J.

I want to start by saying this place truly changed my life for the better. I have been super self conscious of the serious spider veins on my legs. Have had them for years and around January of last year I went in for my first laser vein removal treatment. It was not the most comfortable process but damn was it worth it!! It was quick and pain free after the process was over. And after three appointments I have what I consider the most perfect legs. And for the most part vein free!!! For the first time in 10 years I'm finally wearing shorts. Seriously life changing. The office is so cute and clean and the staff are so nice and welcoming. Also they are super prompt in getting you in and out which I love!! I will most definitely be a returning guest from here on out! Couldn't be happier. Thanks north bay laser your the best!!

Ashley H.

Not sure how anyone can find something negative to say about this place. Great prices. The staff was insanely friendly. I was in and out within 15/20 minutes. Well worth the hour drive to get there. Will definitely return!

Nicholas A.

I am so happy to be hair, stubble , waxing , razor and razor burn free!! No more shaving creams or painful waxings. THANK YOU SO MUCH REBECCA!! I dont know why I held off on this for so long, I would do it 10x over. The whole experience was so comfortable and for the cost of replacement razors these days!! CHEAP! My kitty is pretty and I am razor free!!

Sarah K.

Clean, meticulous, and virus friendly. Superb staff and outstanding experience all around.

Sean F.

I had a great experience! Rebecca was so knowledgeable and friendly. And the laser felt more comfortable then other places I've been before!! They are my favorite laser hair removal place in Sonoma county now.

Mrs. E.

I came here after having horrible experiences in Napa. There are no legit tattoo removal places in Napa and Napa Valley Plastic Surgery is a rip off and a joke, would NOT recommend them whatsoever.

I came here knowing nothing but hoping for the best. Boy was I impressed!! Rebecca is amazing and went over my small finger tattoo numerous times making me feel like the money I was paying was worth it. With one treatment my tattoo faded quite a bit. She is very honest and lets you know it may take a couple treatments to remove the tattoo which I appreciate. Pricing is very reasonable too so knowing I may have to come back a couple more times doesn't bother me because I know I wont break the bank. I am even considering getting other services done by her since she offers so many things. If you live near by give this place a shot, you will not be disappointed.

Mayra Z.

Rebecca is awesome. Whether you need Botox, laser hair removal or any other treatments she makes you feel comfortable and at ease. I couldn't be happier with my laser hair removal. I had to get about 6 treatments and I'm completely hair free for a couple years and counting. Lately I've been going to Rebecca for Botox and she does a great job. I'm in and out in a matter of minutes and it lasts for 5-6 months. I'd happily recommend her to any of my girlfriends (or boyfriends).

Rachael S.

This place was so welcoming and Rebecca got me right in and out! Best service ever and I will return to be getting laser done along with a few family members! Look forward to going back to North Bay Laser and see there friendly faces!

Marisa R.