Skin Tightening


What is Pelleve' and how does it work?

* Wrinkled and lax skin comes from aging and sun damage, causing collagen to become disorganized.

* Pelleve' is radio frequency energy that is highly, and specifically, absorbed by water in the skin.

* This water absorption creates heat in the dermis disturbing collagen.

* The body sees this disturbance as a mild burn needing repair.

* In this repair process, disorganized and now disturbed collagen is removed and replaced by new, organized Type 1 collagen     (collagenesis).

* To achieve this therapeutic level, temperatures in the dermis need to reach over 60 degrees Celsius; a temperature range of 41 to 44 degrees on the skin surface indicates that change.

How is Pelleve' unique?

* Previous technologies most commonly use high energy pulses to achieve the same desired target temperatures in the dermis.  This has been done using laser, light radio frequency and other technologies.

* It is this pulsed, rapidly delivered, intense high energy that creates a challenge for managing pain.

* Pelleve' delivers radio frequency energy that gradually, rather than suddenly, achieves the same target temperatures in the skin.

* This gradual heating allows target temperatures to be reached without pain or even the need for anesthetics.

* By delivering this energy gradually, and in fluid motion, the dermis is heated more uniformly.

* Additionally, this fluid method of delivery sustains and prolongs therapeutic heating, and as a soothing, comfortable                experience.

* Our infra-red temperature gauge allows precise monitoring of the skin as a therapeutic temperatures are achieved and            maintained.

* Gradual heating, with temperature monitoring, allows for custom therapy according to the characteristics of each patient's skin.

* Without numbing, patient feedback will indicate if the temperatures reach super-therapeutic levels.  Gradual warming and       temperature monitoring with patient feedback, makes Pelleve' wrinkle therapy extremely safe.

Bottom line?

* "No pain, no gain!" is no longer the underlying motto for aesthetic procedures.  Pelleve' has changed that experience. It is a warm, in fact soothing, sensation that creates new collagen, softens wrinkles and tightens the skin. Now. you can correct the signs of aging, all without pain! And, it's affordable.


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